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Dan Molnar

(Function Store)


Interactive Installations, System Design, AudioVisual Content

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developing custom real-time systems and content for interactive and audiovisual content


Content Creation

Interactive and audiovisual content tailor-made for you or your brand, be it in a physical space or digital, interactive or timeline-driven. Using sensors and generative/procedural visuals in TouchDesigner, Unreal Engine and Notch.

System Design

You want to create an interactive immersive experience but don't know where to start? How many projectors, servers, sensors? The questions go on!

I am here to design your system and also develop custom software to manage it all!

Consultation and Education

If you are stuck and need a helping set of eyes in your TouchDesigner project or interactive installation I am your guy. I've been known to be the go-to guy for many. I am also available for holding workshops on various topics as well as private tutoring!

Selected Works


Site under construction, see Instagram until then!

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